“What fountain of youth are you drinking out of?”

That’s what a client recently said to me after I told him my age. I still don’t understand why how old I am, or not looking my age has such shock value. Who knows. I mean my mother looked 30 at 50 so I might as well get used to it.

It’s Dec 1st! I can’t believe it. 2011 is just a month away. I swear it feels like we just entered 2010. So odd. So crazy. But amazing. I was good today. I worked a decent amount considering I am on “vacation.”.

I also played Dr. Phil.

You see, my friend is severely tripping over this girl. A straight girl at that, who’s not even really interested. She’s more into having her own ego stroked and fueling her narcissism in-between boyfriends. I mean my friend is beautiful, talented and other than her fucked up love life…she totally has her shit together. If you’re into that anal, color coordinates her toothbrushes sorta thing. But really, she can do so much better and honestly deserves the world. I was so hard on her, I said, “Give it up, she’s too young, too immature, and just not genuinely into you. She’s hung up on her ex and an emotional handful. At least you could move on and spend your time stressing over a girl your own age who thinks about you as much as you do them.”

She was silent for all of 2 minutes. I could hear the wheels turning in her head. I’d hoped my tough love got through to her.

“Well…” she started, “Perhaps you should take your own advice Taschka.”

Damn. She had a point. Why don’t we ever take our own advice?

It sounded so much better when I was speaking about her situation. But turn it around and I want to hide under the world’s largest rug. You’re even welcomed to walk over it while I’m laying there.

Put me out of my misery….

Until then, denial suits me well.

2 responses to “babyface

  1. Heh it’s always ideal to give advice then to receive it!

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