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less is more…

so I’ll say less, even if you

Get more.

And you’re…

not even flesh and blood. :/



Sorry about last night’s rant I deleted. At times my venting need not see the light of day…

Some of of you already have the password to my protected blogs. If you’d like access to future rants that will not be public…email me.

Tonight I’m working on flushing my venting out without too many umm…idk


Not really worth going into detail about. My head just doesn’t know what else to do but write…

I guess it’s just…


Now let me sleep.

Protected: when you stop reaching…

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I seriously…

missed you…

missed that…

missed us…

minus the bullshit.

I love you, immensely.

The end.

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Sometimes I take pictures of my friends…in this case my business partner brotha from another motha Jen.

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Oh yeah…come to mama.




I was watching a movie tonight and ended up turning it off halfway through…

I just sat there rolling my eyes the whole time, and I never do that…I love movies. They’re the one single thing I use to escape from my head.

But tonight…


I mean…really. Everything is NOT ok when you spill wine all over a $3,000 dress…in front of all your peers. Not only are you embarrassed but the dry cleaning bill alone would have given me a headache. Then..the mean girl that sabotoged everything you ever tried to do suddenly becomes your bestie? Um no. I would have had to take her out…just on principle alone. And last, but certainly not least, the boy who messed up begs for forgiveness…gets shut down…only to come back and grovel again. She shuts him down a second time BUT he doesn’t give up. Nope. Mr. Pretty boy who can go out and get anything in a skirt, with a simple smile, comes back not just twice…but over 5 times to win her back.

I call bullshit.

Hollywood wants us to believe in this. Yeah, well…not in 2011. Maybe in 1908, or 1912, 1943…etc etc. That’s when love was worth fighting for. But today’s society is too complacent. People don’t revel in the sheer impact of romantic rebirth. What has happened to our culture to make everyone so lazy? We want. We complain…we yearn and obtain…only to what…?


But nobody wants to do what it takes to stay there. ♥ work in progress

I was in a really pissy mood tonight…so I took it out on a piece of wood. It’s a work in progress. Once I’m done with the drawing and a little toning I’ll paint it…maybe. Not sure yet. I think I was subliminally inspired by one of my favorite models Chrishell Stubbs. I might have web stalked her so much today that she snuck in my art.

I think I’m going to try and sleep now. Key word: “Try.”

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This boot is so hot you’re going to want to have sex with it…that or at least the girl wearing it! So…yeah…buy this boot and get laid. Trust.