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androgyny lollipop ♥ harmony boucher

Harmony Boucher – Musician/Model

I was on one of my favorite tumblrs when she popped up! I was like umm, how did I forget about her…and now I’m here…spreading the gorgeous goodness with all of you.

You’re welcome. 😉

Her Tumblr

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Photo Source 3 ♥ Kirby

The amazing drop-dead gorgeous Kirby Griffin!! (Nous LA/Women NY)

MUA/Hair: Marla Verdugo

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Thank you for reminding me why I love you AllSaints. Women’s tailoring, always a fan.

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What I wouldn’t do to be in my own bed right now.

My head is killing me and taunting me all at once.  It’s like give me a break, take the night off till I at least can retire to my own pillow.




Guess not.

Looky look who’s writing again.  And it only took a few(hundred) rounds of tears to summon up ye ol inner cray cray.

Feels like déjà vu.

Same song…different…


I won’t even type that.  Feels weird.  

What else is weird is me…curled up in someone else’s bed blogging while over a dozen people are getting plastered just outside the door.

Typical Taschka.

I was trying to sleep off this headache.  But I think…

I think

I think

I think…

It’s less physical and more mental.

I just want out of my head.

I thought the alcohol would help…and the people… 

I thought being the opposite of me would help.

Turns out nothing really does.

It’s SO fucking loud…

… in my head.

I just want it to quiet down…

so sleep can kick in.


When someone becomes accustomed to lying to you…


When you become accustomed to lying to yourself…

Not ok.

Words…can shape and twist, and form into polite little nuances deemed appropriate for even the most discerning pair of ears.

But then what?

After the clock strikes three does Pinocchio go home to avoid revealing his nose?

What if Pinocchio’s nose never alters?

Without any physical signs of falter he’s left deliberating with his own conscience.

…And if left up to him…

Who’s heart would he save from hurt of his words?

Not yours.

Especially if he could now safely bend the truth…

To salvage both.

So he thinks.

But the signs…

Are everywhere.

androgyny lollipop ♥ benthe de vries

Benthe De Vries – Model

Credit 2.