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visual suicide ♥ running with guns

Thank god for camera phones. Too bad I didn’t have one attached to my back…to capture how many times my ass was assaulted by a toy gun tonight, or last night I mean seeing as how it’s already past 6:00 am…geez. I need to go to sleep.

sound and magic ♥ keep dancing jen

Ok…we need to leave, and I’m dilly dallying with my accounts…and I like making my friends get on camera for no reason……so this is so randommmmmmmm…


It’s really quiet now. Well aside from the music I have playing and the sound of my legs swooshing around in the water…

It’s quiet.

Jennifer is asleep in her bed, and Serge is asleep in my bed, and I’m in here, alone in the bathtub…alone with my thoughts.

I think I’d like to go to sleep, soon ideally…but I’m not really in a “sleepover” share a bed mood so maybe I’ll go crash on the couch. Or maybe I’ll fall asleep in the tub… Eh. Probably not a good idea if I want to be breathing in the morning.

My back is killing me again. Though the volume in my head is loud enough I’m barely noticing.

My head

My head…

My head.

Just before this I was writing an email, but I deleted it. Then I wrote another…and deleted that too. It feels strange not knowing what to say to someone…you once wanted to say everything too. And now…you feel… I feel like an intruder. A stranger…maybe? I think. IDK. Why am I asking myself questions? Hmm. I did it again.

I’ve been in the bath far too long. Normal people don’t take baths as long as I do. But…

You guys already know about me and normal.

I should get out.

I should do a lot of things.

Is it unfair getting to know someone new when the deepest parts of you are still undoing pieces of someone else? Or is that just life…and…

I mean it’s not like I technically even “had” these pieces to begin with.


Why the hell does it continue to feel so hard to remove…from inside me…

OMG…and why do I keep asking myself non rhetorical questions!?

I’m not even making sense.

The water’s killing my brain cells.

I’ve gotta get outta this tub.

visual suicide ♥ ming xi & vs.

These are hottttttttttttttt!

Ming Xi by Mark Squires for Vs. Magazine S/S 2011

visual suicide ♥ a teeny peek behind

This lookbook shoot was from a little bit ago. But my friend Marla Verdugo, also the MUA for the day took some nifty shots with her camera phone. With the exception of the first shot, which I took, the rest are Marla’s. The model was none other than my #1 muse, Heidi Kor. The actual images will be up on my site after my client launches their collection at LA fashion week. Stay tuned!

My dear dear Marla thank you soooo much for taking these. I never have any shots with me in them, lol. You guys check out Marla’s blog, she does all kinds of cool stuff. Like myself she’s a modern day renaissance woman. Not only does she do fabulous Make-Up & Hair, She’s also a photographer and stylist….just to name a few. She also wears a mean red lip, old school pin up style!


I’m in one of those moods where I want to only be angry, but I mainly feel sad. Because I’ve come to a resolution that makes me feel unsettled. But sometimes it’s just better to let go of things. Especially when they’re not really there in the first place.

Sometimes people understand each other. Sometimes people try to understand each other and fail.

Sometimes none of the above matters.

Sometimes you feel like everything is so much simpler then it feels.

I seriously hate feeling misunderstood.

I hate feeling like I’m talking to a wall.

I hate really liking someone as a person, then feeling like what you liked didn’t really exist.

Now you’re this really strange and peculiar girl who is just too serious about everything.

But that’s ok.

I’ll be that girl.

chew on this ♥ turnquist babies

So while at my Aunt’s I spent more time with some new additions to the Turnquist familia. With a family as genetically mixed up as ours you never know what anyone will turn up looking like. Case and point my cousins little Eli (5 months) and Vianney (15 months).



But I will say, if you decide to have a kid with one of us…I hope your genes don’t get their feelings hurt, cuz we will dominate! Lol…but seriously…we will. I wish I had an image of my Grandparents on hand so you can see what I mean. It’s crazy. I need to shoot these little guys with a actual camera before they get too big!!