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buy this ♥ violet sequins

Siam – Collar Tunic


Ventidue – Giulia Skull Bag


Dominic Jones – Scarab Dragonfly 23-karat white gold-plated ring


Theyskens’ Theory – Patent-leather and suede ombré wedges


sound and magic ♥ eliot’s stems…

are damn near perfetto…..js. Her being such an infectious performer only adds to her attractiveness.

Here she is(without her band) doing “quicker” which is one of my favorite songs. Go ahead and skip to 0:59 when she actually comes on stage.

I can’t speak enough good about her, ever….you longtime followers know this. 🙂

photo credit

And just because I’m in that sort of mood…here she is again performing “selfmachine.”

Annnnnd…..and interview.

Ok. I’m done now. Promise. 😉

androgyny lollipop ♥ ehren dorsey

Ehren Dorsey

Ummmmm………fucking hello my camera will stalk you for the rest of your life…….! How amazing is this model???? Seriously!

No words….that face……bejesus. She went from development to the main board in milliseconds….that rare.

escape from inside

What if the thing you loved most caused the most pain?

Do you rip it off like a band-aid

and hasten the race

to rid of the stains.

What if the thing you loved most had a twin?

Relaying sin upon the spin

of love and life from within

at the depth of your threshold…

where all good things come to an end.

sound and magic ♥ that a girl kate

I will have to attest to the fact that kate is one of the hardest working, most awesome models I’ve had the pleasure of working with. This video by Charles LUCIMA shows exactly WHY!

Bring it girl! ❤

L U C I M A | Kate Compton from Charles LUCIMA on Vimeo.


I can barely breathe…

It’s like my insides have drifted out and surrounded me entirely…suffocating me. I got this feeling a moment ago…a few moments ago. I tried to let it pass but it wouldn’t let…me…go on with my day. And I’ve got too much on my plate to let this emotion distract me. 8pm on the dot I must be dressed and ready…so now…currently…at 3:40 I will purge this…

I will get it out.

Not that I’m having a problem keeping it in. I just…

Had a moment…of moments within a moment.

In time.

It’s overwhelming.

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so damn…


I have been.

I’m so fucking warm and full of light.

It’s making me dizzy.



To breathe.

But smile…

That I may.

That I can.

And I am.

feed your walls ♥ chelsea greene lewyta

Chelsea Greene Lewyta

Demented animals, and naked ladies….just my kind of artist!