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sound and magic ♥ friends with benefits

Aside from the fact that I will always have a crush on JT. I MUST see this. ♥ juvenile delinquent

You all have gotten an eyeful of my #1 muse Heidi, but you’ve yet to be bombarded with Su. Meet Susanna Risberg muse #2. Unfortunately, for my camera, she’s across the ocean in Sweden. In-fucking-definitely. I knowwwwwww. Shame on her. Despite this, there will be tons more to come of her which you’ll love. And I’ll tell you all about her music and awesome band soon too! But for now enjoy these really random images.

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buy this ♥ leather sleeves

BURBERRY PRORSUM – Leather-sleeved cotton-twill trench coat

Nothing dresses up a trench like a little leather!


visual suicide ♥ my friends are da bestest

I love having so many musical friends. The resulting ear porn is just overwhelming at times. Not to mention they all look so damn good doing it! These two are my dear dear Charlie & Tony. Charlie (aka: Heather) is also one of my 5 very close zodiac soulmates. Me wuvs you hunnies. ❤

“Wish You Were Queer” from Bakersfield, CA

sound and magic ♥ i don’t have time to be in love

I wish I sang like her…..god I love her voice. She and Amel Larrieux have the best voices to me. Ok…Amel wins….because….she’s….my favorite in the world….so…yeah. But here are some random new videos from Priscilla that made me smile anyways.

And…while I’m at it, I might as well…

Here’s Miss Larrieux…

Wait till the song gets to about 2:34 and you’ll know exactly why she’s #1 to me…

And my two favorite songs of all time are of course theirs… ♥ paper doll

India not only is an amazing model, she’s an amazing young woman and a very talented singer as well. ❤

Model: India Christin (with Ford Models)
MUA/Hair: Toby Klinger
Gowns courtesy of: Cheng-Huai Chuang
Leather Gloves: Chanel
Location Courtesy of: Serge Van Lian Design

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…It was one of those nights.

Or it has been one of those nights, for me.

It’s around 3am…a little past, same difference. I’ve been working all day/night…most of it anyways. But I just couldn’t kick this “off” feeling I’ve had the past few days. The worst of which was surely today/tonight. And I’ve been stuffing it and stuffing it in, attempting to be steel, or some kind of robot without a heart…or soul. Tonight though, my emotions got the best of me…a combo of stress about work/career, life choices, home, feeling guilty for having a pretty good life and being unsettled about it when some people have it far worse, more stress about work, confusion, questioning, questioning, sadness, confusion, sadness…and then it all landed on a big whopping kaboom of missing my mom…and I was a mess.

I contemplated staying in a fetal position on the bathroom floor for a while, in my own little bubble, where no one could bear witness to this human side of me. But instead I wanted to…needed to hear your voice. I had no idea what I would say once I woke you from your insanely, should be illegal, it’s so comfy, tempur-pedic mattress, slumber. But after, about 2, maybe 3 calls…cuz you’re always so knocked out…but once you picked up I felt 100 times better even in tears. The comfort of being able to turn off my robot with you…


I don’t know how someone so young can teach me so many things about myself in such a short time.

But you have…

You do.


And I’m the one who’s thankful we came into each other’s lives.

You see….you made all those sad blogs happy ones now! ❤

Hopefully all of you readers find my happy heart writing as entertaining as my crappy sad heart whining. 😛

Goodnight. Well, not really…back to work for me. I was just thinking all this so I thought…why not share.