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same page

Life moves on
Even when you’re standing still
Hope dies
So lies develop in your mind
Kicking you forward towards doors
You’re not ready to walk through
Keeping you from staring at that picture on the wall of the two of you
Back when your face in her head
defined love too
She’s “happy you’re not together”
As are you
As are you?
More lies.
Or not.
The truth is buried beneath
Every little fragile part of me
Digging at the chance of getting hurt
So we’ll just leave the past
In the dirt
There’s another rabbit
Wearing your favorite top hat
I can’t compete with that
Smiles camouflage frowns
Fresh flesh helps in calming down
Newness keeps the doctor away
Things are better today
I’m totally…
More lies
It’s safer this way.

plastic candy chaos ♥ skeleton labbit



The Labbit is back, although you get to see a little more of him than you’ve imagined. The Skeleton Labbit is a two sided figure, which features the classic Kozik labbit and a skeleton version on the reverse. This figure stands 10” tall with two versions available, the “Something’s Under the Bed” and the “Frightmare” edition. They are limited to 666 pieces each and will be available at all Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers for $75.


sidelabbit boxlabbit

Buy here.

this is how we fall

Too young to know better
Too old to dream
Jaded by anger dismayed by the steep
Hill laid out to climb
Soaked in time muddled
Diluted in teardrops
Blended with her mind’s eye
This is how we fall
Head over heels
With our backs against the wall
Transmitting wavelengths
Throats heavy
Knees buried
Deep under straining for the crawl
This is how we fly
With our wings
Plucked from our sides
Cement thrown over faces
Searching for new heights
New flights
Turn into new fights
My sight
Made clear
To steer

In the other direction.

sound and magic ♥ stay


While my friends and I were driving home we were playing a bevy of old and new ear candy. When this came on we were playfully required to all sing along. Halfway through Turcois turns around and says, “that’s your shit.”

I nodded while pouting…”yeah, it is so my shit.”

“Funny you’re the broken one
But I’m the only one who needed saving
Cause when you never see the light
It’s hard to know which one of us is caving” ♥ some like it hot

“SOME LIKE IT HOT” with Devanie Joy & A. S. (LA Models) AliDevSpec_7_Web AliDevSpec_11_Web AliDevSpec_1_Web AliDevSpec_3_Web AliDevSpec_6_Web AliDevSpec_8_Web AliDevSpec_9_Web AliDevSpec_10_Web Models: Devanie Joy & A. S. (LA Models) Make-Up/Hair by my darling Marla Verdugo ❤ ♥ red roof

Giza.  Need I say more?

The gorgeous Cali, currently in NY, model pal (with nous models) of mine stopped by for a quick but inspirational session of camera clicks.  This was the result.






every color

We’re going to be so epic.

She said before her lips knew what her mouth had in mind.

Like wildfire in the midst of dry heat.

We were on fire.

The little hairs on the back of my neck couldn’t disagree.

The tips of my fingers celebrated in streets slick with glisting sweat.

We were inspired.

We were every color of love a little girl could dream about.

And this…was only the beginning.