i like

-faded pictures
-fruity chapstick
-women with drumsticks
-women with guitars
-well defined jaws
-babydoll dresses
-buzz cuts
-kissing until my lips are swollen
-blurry lines
-chili cheese fries
-ivory skin
-ebony skin
-thigh highs
-words on paper
-birthday cake ice cream
-body mods
-girls kissing girls
-abundant amounts of bare skin
-torn edges
-raw beauty
-long lashes
-high ceilings
-unisex wardrobe
-beat up chucks
-red hair
-baby blonde hair
-aesthetically equal couples
-sewing at midnight
-tights with holes
-long necks
-scrunchy faces
-smiling incessantly
-creative queers
-grey areas
-laughing until my stomach hurts
-you…in front on my camera.

3 responses to “i like

  1. i thoroughly enjoy your likes

    “abundant amounts of bare skin”
    the last one should say “myselfffffffff”, am i right?

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