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secret keeper

She kept her heart tied up in the cellar

I’d visit

From time to time

Laying kisses on the palpitating thrusts

Signs of life

Reaching from her insides

Left out

But locked away


But left to fray

She kept her mind sealed up in the attic

I’d visit


Rubbing temples no longer connected to her entity

Cries of strife

Poured out

Left over from

From her past life

The day she asked me to stay

There was a little box inside her hands

“Open it”

She said

In a breath so sweet

I had instant cavities

“Open it”

She said

Before I fully took off the top of the box

Revealing the key beneath the lid

She threw her arms around my neck


“It might be the last thing I’ll regret.”

room with a view

There were words…

In my head.

Just minutes ago at least a paragraph had transpired in the abyss of my brain.



Just remnants…

And emotion.

So much emotion.

I don’t know where to put it.

Sometimes it finds refuge in new places…

Finds comfort in new spaces.

But only temporarily…

Till it’s reminded…

Of home.


Currently has no vacancy.

…at least for me it seems.


When someone becomes accustomed to lying to you…


When you become accustomed to lying to yourself…

Not ok.

Words…can shape and twist, and form into polite little nuances deemed appropriate for even the most discerning pair of ears.

But then what?

After the clock strikes three does Pinocchio go home to avoid revealing his nose?

What if Pinocchio’s nose never alters?

Without any physical signs of falter he’s left deliberating with his own conscience.

…And if left up to him…

Who’s heart would he save from hurt of his words?

Not yours.

Especially if he could now safely bend the truth…

To salvage both.

So he thinks.

But the signs…

Are everywhere.

infinite breeze

There’s a visible calm in the air.

If I reach straight forward and rested my hand out I could probably feel it breezing by my skin…

Like a cool day at the beach.

The kind of days where there aren’t too many tourists. It’s warm enough to go without a jacket, but cool enough for long sleeves. You walk along the sand just to feel it between your toes. The rocks are shiny and wet and…you take a few home to set on your shelf.

…to remember this calm, cool breezy day.

Inside if I reached….dived inside myself I’d surely discover more chaos. But for a moment…

I’m allowed to breath.

Still wanting.

Still needing.

Still wondering.

But breathing.

It’s not something I get to do often, so I’m enjoying it.

Have you ever wanted something for non selfish reasons? I mean want isn’t even a big enough word, and need sounds…idk….

But it’s like that breeze….you just need it. To surround you, to wrap you up, to engulf you. You want to inhale it again and again hoping it never goes away.

Because when it’s near, you breath easier, sleep deeper, and create so…much more.

Everything about the day is just that much better. And you hope that day will melt into forever.

An infinite breeze.

It’s like the sand in my toes and the rocks beneath my feet.

In my head I’ve collected 5 today. One is gray with skinny beige ripples across it, two are tiny and covered in green speckles. Another is also gray but massive and has a sharp jagged edge. The last is not too big or small and it’s semi translucent with debris trapped inside. Like someone injected it with murky stardust out of jealousy. I can even imagine running my hands along it’s “perfect” shell. What’s inside doesn’t scare me. It’s imperfections are what make it beautiful to me.

Like the breeze, it’s unpredictable. But I need it just the same.

So for now, I welcome this calm.

Stay as long as you like. Maybe the chaos is just minutes away. But until then…

My hand is outstretched and I can feel it blowing…calmly.