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www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ prim

“Prim” with Heidi Noël Core
Wardrobe by Sara Medd

Make-Up by Hiroko Claus
Hair by Yours Truly 🙂


www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ mustard seed

Mustard Seed Look-Book

Model: Heidi Noël Core
Make-Up By: Marla Verdugo
Photo Assistant: Jennifer Tanaka


www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ boundary & co fall 12

The gang was at again…and this time we went a bit more minimal….

B&Co Fall 12 Look-Book

Model – Heidi Kor

Make-Up/Hair – Marla Verdugo

Photo Assistant – Jennifer Tanaka


Candid Images by Marla Verdugo.

www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ halfway blonde

My favorite girl Heidi giving me a little tude mid haircolor session. My camera was not complaining.

Model: Heidi Kor


www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ boundary & co spring 12

The gang was at it again for Boundary & Co Spring 2012

Photographer: Taschka Turnquist
Model: Heidi Kor
MUA/Hair: Marla Verdugo
Photo Assistant: Johnny Starr

Behind the scenes photos by Marla Verdugo.



www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ boundary & co

Boundary & Co Look-Book/Campaign Fall 2011

See the rest on my site www.taschkaturnquist.com

Art Direction & Photography – Taschka Turnquist
Co Shoot Director – Chinh T. Sheow
Model – Heidi Kor
MUA/Hair – Marla Verdugo

visual suicide ♥ a teeny peek behind

This lookbook shoot was from a little bit ago. But my friend Marla Verdugo, also the MUA for the day took some nifty shots with her camera phone. With the exception of the first shot, which I took, the rest are Marla’s. The model was none other than my #1 muse, Heidi Kor. The actual images will be up on my site after my client launches their collection at LA fashion week. Stay tuned!

My dear dear Marla thank you soooo much for taking these. I never have any shots with me in them, lol. You guys check out Marla’s blog, she does all kinds of cool stuff. Like myself she’s a modern day renaissance woman. Not only does she do fabulous Make-Up & Hair, She’s also a photographer and stylist….just to name a few. She also wears a mean red lip, old school pin up style!