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blue skies

I made a promise to myself this year

Dissecting ice cells

stem by stem

Removing the doubt

I made a promise to my heart

Wrapped it in teflon

Pushed up my sleeves

Saluting a new start

If I ever get the chance to tell you

I will

If I  get within two feet

Hold still…

Stay still

This might hurt a little

I made a promise to myself this year

Resulting in severed limbs

Discolored skin

Eyes shut to my has-been

I made a promise to the world

Removing the scattered fringe

Abstract stains

And stolen parts

Releasing  broken bones

Mended by chosen sparks

I ran away with the circus today…

I gave them all of my new promises

When they told me to stay away

The world wasn’t ready to see me shine

Sublime measures

Alternate universe

Of crime

Sitting in front of borrowed time

I made a promise to myself this year

All of the above don’t mean a damn thing

With its passive breaks

Selective punctuation

Shift, Return

Dripping in fear

Only here

And now

Makes sense

Breathing in present tense

Sealed tight

Worn ripe

Basking in a sky full of newness.

night owl

I’m getting really annoyed about my sleeping habits. :/

Going to bed before 3am would be so AWESOME and welcomed….but..umm….no. If I get to sleep before 1:30am I’m so grateful the next morning. My entire body cries “thank you” for every extra 30 min I can sneak in.

It’s quite depressing.

Fucking sleep.

So much to do…and only one of me. My mind just won’t stop even when my body has.

Like right now…my mind….


I’m a little peeved. Earlier today I got a bit off my rocker over something seemingly “simple” but the definition of simple is extremely broad and varies person to person. So simple becomes complex in the hands of…well…idk.

I think I’m more bothered at the fact that I can’t figure out how I feel. I keep wondering what the difference is between someone being oblivious and them just not giving a fuck is…? I mean, is it the same thing? Does, lack of, experience in life mean I should cut them some slack…even if it means dealing with little instances that are so blatantly inconsiderate.

Sometimes it’s so much easier to wipe your hands clean.

But…what’s life…without a little grit.

It’s what keeps things…oh who am I kidding. I just want to be surrounded by people who give a shit about the little things and think every blue moon about…dammit.




Ugh, ok….all of the above was written like 2 hrs ago. I don’t feel like continuing on with any of it…so…

This will do.

I was annoyed.

Now I’m sleepy(still annoyed).

End of story.

Forgive any grammar crapola…I’m too lazy to go over it all.

This came on my itunes earlier…felt slightly relevant…enjoy.


I need a map of your head
Translated into English
So I can learn not to make you frown


I need to go to sleep.

But I’m awake. Surprise surprise. It’s more of the same over her at chateau Turnquist.

I’m half contemplating getting out of bed and pulling an all nighter…but what good would that do me when I’m the walking dead tomorrow. I’ve been getting these dark circles under my eyes lately. It’s not cute. Need to check my vampire habits at the door if I want to salvage my youth. Looking like an adolescent most days is cool…but an adolescent sleep deprived on drugs…yeah…not the way to go.

On that note…



Uggghhhhhh why can’t I sleep!?

I feel tired, it’s just nothing happens when I close my eyes…aside from my head…going and going.

Like now.



This is not entertaining, I’m sorry folks.

kiss kiss bang bang

I feel a bit like a mute.

Or….Not sure.

I’m in no condition to be fooling around with modern language. But I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been trying to go back to sleep for the last 3 hours but my brain is hellbent on making me write, or jump off a bridge. Figured I’d take the milder approach.

I keep staring at the screen to my phone. It looks like an alien device.

We come in peace.



Thinking a lot.

But it won’t come out in full thoughts. At least not censored enough for me to feel safe about leaving them exposed.

My dear dear words.

They’re as sensitive as I am.