see through

I had a dream last night. I wanted to tell you about it…

But you are not real.

Waking up in a flush of overwhelming heat I calmed myself with logic.

I soothed myself with logic.

That which cannot be defined will just be…


Lacking a definition therefore lacking the ability to be grasped…

By me.

I guess.

Can you attempt to define that which does not exist?

If I knew…


Wanted to tell you about my dream.

But when I imagined speaking only cotton candy came out of my mouth.

I almost suffocated from the elevated amounts of sticky and sweet.

I almost choked on the abundance of frothy and pink.

Spun and crystallized liquid heat.

It reminded me of my dream.

It reminded me.

Of that which can lack definition while being so full of sharp edges.

Since when did empty space cut like a knife?

Since when did I start keeping so much inside?

Maybe when the lights went out.

Or when I tried to speak and bled my heart out.

You left your bloody boots in my closet btw.

But…I threw them out.

Empty space can’t wear shoes.

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