What I wouldn’t do to be in my own bed right now.

My head is killing me and taunting me all at once.  It’s like give me a break, take the night off till I at least can retire to my own pillow.




Guess not.

Looky look who’s writing again.  And it only took a few(hundred) rounds of tears to summon up ye ol inner cray cray.

Feels like déjà vu.

Same song…different…


I won’t even type that.  Feels weird.  

What else is weird is me…curled up in someone else’s bed blogging while over a dozen people are getting plastered just outside the door.

Typical Taschka.

I was trying to sleep off this headache.  But I think…

I think

I think

I think…

It’s less physical and more mental.

I just want out of my head.

I thought the alcohol would help…and the people… 

I thought being the opposite of me would help.

Turns out nothing really does.

It’s SO fucking loud…

… in my head.

I just want it to quiet down…

so sleep can kick in.

3 responses to “noise

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