dark horse

Sticky heat

Sticky sticky situations

I don’t know if my headache is from the bright ass gleam attacking me through the window…or just an ache in my damn head.


I’m exhausted though I’ve napped so much today you’d think I was a toddler.

Toddlers have less shit to deal with than I do.


I swear I can see…the heat. It’s dancing around in front of me…threatening to jack up the 5% increase in energy I managed to muster up in the last 30 min. Energy I carefully used to work until my brain and the heat got the best of me…


I’m stalling….

This was going to be about something else. But the something else won’t make it’s way out of my fingers onto this wordpress app.

Onto this…


::looks around::


I’m starting to realize what was so attractive about the ones that didn’t give a shit…

About this…

Maybe it’s a taste of my own medicine?

Whatever it is I’m not interested in dating myself.




…and through hoops.

For everyone but you.

4 responses to “dark horse

  1. Oh lady…

  2. I know…..I’m dramatic. ::sigh:: but no sad faces. 🙂

    • hehe, ok good. It’s okay to be drama.

      Did you ever make it to sf pride? I didn’t go this year, because I was dealing with moving and such. Hopefully next year though if I’m still in cali!

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