less is more…

so I’ll say less, even if you

Get more.

And you’re…

not even flesh and blood. :/



Sorry about last night’s rant I deleted. At times my venting need not see the light of day…

Some of of you already have the password to my protected blogs. If you’d like access to future rants that will not be public…email me.

Tonight I’m working on flushing my venting out without too many umm…idk


Not really worth going into detail about. My head just doesn’t know what else to do but write…

I guess it’s just…


Now let me sleep.

2 responses to “less is more…

  1. Protected blogs…NOOOO!

    I just want back in your head!

  2. Email me hun: taschka@taschkaturnquist.com

    I’ll give you the password. 🙂

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