sound and magic ♥ dark girls

My younger cousin, who was spending a year with us, came home from school crying one day. When I asked her what was wrong she looked up at me and said, “I hate being dirty.” I had no idea what she meant, but my mother quickly sat her down and had a heart to heart with her. I guess I was too young to understand what it all meant…but in time it came to surface…

I…was fortunate enough to grow up in a household in which I was taught that everything about myself was beautiful. When I wanted to experiment with my hair, be it braids, straightening, etc, it was a choice…not a necessity. And as far as my skin…I NEVER ever looked in the mirror and didn’t appreciate my skin color. In fact I loved it. But despite this, I did through experience become highly aware of the divide within my community regarding this issue. It wasn’t until junior high when a friend of mine said, “you’re that pretty brown, not too light, and not too dark.” that I realized why I hadn’t really been affected. I was in some sort of “safe zone” of a skin color. Wtf, ya know? What’s safe about color and the human being that inhabits it? Now, as an adult, I laugh at such an idea as safety within a neutral home on the spectrum of brown women. All I do know…is that I am, and have always been proud of being a black woman. I don’t care where my family came from, or what blood resides within me, I will always stand beside, behind, and with my sisters.

When this comes out…see it, feel it. And try to understand. The media is poison to young girls. We can prevent this by embracing our children and letting them know…beauty comes in all shades.

Dark Girls: Preview from Bradinn French on Vimeo.

Whenever I’m on this topic I think about Spike Lee’s School Daze(one of my very favorite films). The entire movie is a musical satire of black culture and all of our ideals. One of my favorite scenes touches on the divide I spoke of before. Much more light-hearted of course…but informative all the same.

2 responses to “sound and magic ♥ dark girls

  1. mm i remember growing up, in my area, to be tan was always associated with beauty. how when you have tan skin, the rolls, the imperfections don’t show up as easy as pale skin.

    just goes to show you that the way you’re born is the best color.
    i love your color(s) ❤
    caramel mocha YUM

    • I think that’s the hypocrisy about tanning…it’s considered socially attractive while being “dark” naturally in many cultures…asian, black, indian…is not. They market skin lighteners and bleach as common beauty practice while your counterparts picked you apart for how pale you are.

      It’s like the world will constantly tear someone down for what they are…in some form.

      But I think we’re both beautiful. Always. Xoxo

      P.S. ….and I love how you always say “colors” …it makes me smile that you pay that close of attention. <33333

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