sound and magic ♥ oo la la

Priscilla’s new album is out today. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Seriously…Ahhhhhhhhhh…mmmm….yes!!! It makes me smile so damn big. There’s a little hint of blue grass…with tinges of country folk, but still perfectly perfectly Priscilla, and just what I needed.

Track #2 ahhhhh, #5 ahhhhh, #6 omg!! #9 mmmm, #12 ahhh, and finally good god #14 The moon!! All of us die hard Priscilla fans have been waiting for this song to be included on an official studio album. It’s as dear to me as “7 years” by Norah Jones. All in all this entire album is another testament to why this shy beautiful girl is as wolrd renowned as she is. Hats off dear Priscilla. ❤

Filmed in my actual neighborhood…here’s a sampling of “The Moon.

“…it’s a sad sad song
it’s a mad mad song
about love, and hope
and pretty things…
that sing to her at night.”

It might become another lyric circle on my arm…js.

Go buy it now!!

Go buy it now!!
Go buy it now!!
Go buy it now!!


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