www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ juvenile delinquent

You all have gotten an eyeful of my #1 muse Heidi, but you’ve yet to be bombarded with Su. Meet Susanna Risberg muse #2. Unfortunately, for my camera, she’s across the ocean in Sweden. In-fucking-definitely. I knowwwwwww. Shame on her. Despite this, there will be tons more to come of her which you’ll love. And I’ll tell you all about her music and awesome band soon too! But for now enjoy these really random images.

See the rest in the “q candy” section of my site, www.taschkaturnquist.com.

6 responses to “www.taschkaturnquist.com ♥ juvenile delinquent

  1. Oh my you take pictures of hot women.

  2. Hello Susanna!

  3. i love these.

  4. Is it bad that my heart just skipped a beat? She’s beautiful. Excuse me while I try to quash my heart-fluttering bisexual tendencies… Except now I’ve actually admitted to being bi. Ok, then I’ll just stare.

    ..And blush..

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