don’t be jealous

Jen and I are giddy giddy at the fact that we scored Lauryn Hill tickets and VIP baby!

3 responses to “don’t be jealous

  1. I am… so… jealous. It’s so weird… I was just thinking yesterday, “I wonder if Lauryn Hill is going to go on tour soon.” damn.

    Despite my jealousy, I hope you ladies have a blast!

  2. Amazing! I didn’t know she was going on tour again. I hope you post details! I’ll be looking forward to pics 🙂

  3. Yup, most of the concerts have been selling out very quickly, but we lucked out and nabbed tickets, and great ones. Center balcony of a small venue. Seeing her was more of a re-visiting sort of deal…rather than anything else really. She’s really off her game…in some ways….life has taken a toll. She’s still fabulous and full of talent…it’s just disintegrated into this mere skeleton of what she was truly capable of becoming.

    I was still very lucky to experience her growing up…and the other night. Her music was a very very big part of my adolescence. And I didn’t take any pics Jennie. I should get into the habit of carrying around something other than my phone to snap pics for the blog. Next time!

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