I’m annoyed.

I think.

I’m trying to enjoy myself right now…

But I can’t. And…hmmm.


Very umm…frustrated.

6 responses to “uggh

  1. Why? An inquiring mind wants to know…

  2. I’m not sure. I think things usually boil down to the fact that I’m overly sensitive. Then when people attempt to be weary of this sensitivity it just makes things worse…sometimes at least.

    But I’m just moody, and cranky…the opposite of anything I usually am. 😛

  3. Breathe and get space for a few… I’m also rarely cranky, but when it comes on…. oh man :). Usually a few minutes of space, some deep breaths, and maybe reading something that inspires me to re-find my peace, helps.

  4. we’re all overly sensitive, my beautiful girl. it’s part of being human.

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