hey you…

Thank you for taking something sad and turning it into pure naughty.

I will never ever be able to spend longer than 5 min upset with you.


Watch out now. I just might start picking fights on purpose. 😉

Oh world…

I hope you all are smiling.

Because I am.

Thanks to her…

Thanks to “you.” ❤

4 responses to “hey you…

  1. YOU started it and you know it!

    And you were certainly smiling before I met you, but I’m glad I have this effect on you.

  2. Liar! You always start it!!! ❤ ::kisses::

  3. This post sounds like a prelude to a dorm “pillow-fight,” but one consisting only of light, pluffy blows. Nothing substantial in the poomph department.

  4. Hahahahaahaha!

    I’m such a lame pillow fighter. I duck and hide to avoid getting clobbered. But she’s a tough cookie, and competitive. I’m sure she’d take me down in one blow! If I didn’t run away like a little sissy first! 😛

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