buy this ♥ patches

Shakuhachi – Patch Denim Shirt

I need this in my life so bad it hurts.


5 responses to “buy this ♥ patches

  1. Need it? Like water? Food? Air? Dubious indeed.
    Want it so badly, I radically relate.
    It’s a rare shirt that triggers my tingles, However, (here I go, the undisputed “Tangent King”) if we talkin’ bout straight jonesing, I just had to have Vernon Patton’s bright red Heart Chair… staring at me like a puppy pressing up the glass at a pet shop. There she was, telecasting its Danish curves n’ color like a bit of the “ultra-violence” (ref: Clockwork Orange). Everything within a 100 yard radius = instant ho-hum! Even brought a friend to eyeball the piece. His rxn; “Uh, yeah man, I can see why you like it,” in zombie tone after I told him its ridiculous phuckin’ price.
    He knew I was wacked. I knew I was wacked.
    I needed it like a hole in the head.
    But what a nice hole it would be.
    Decisions. Decisions. Some pacing. More pacing.
    Result? It’s sitting in my crib.
    My stainless steel wallet is waaay skinnier!
    So yeah, I feel you on that one…Shakuhachi – and each of its gloriously expendable patches….
    you should get it!

  2. I’m intrigued by this stainless steel wallet. I’ve got a nifty card holder that’s stainless steel and people ooh and ahh when I flip it out. There’s something about simple things made out of metal that really dances on the edge of extraordinary. Do you actually utilize the red chair, or is it more something you look at….rather than sit in?

    I haven’t purchased the patches shirt yet. But you’re right I should…although whenever I buy from this particular retailer I end up spending so much money I should be committed into an insane asylum.



    But other than the straight jacket possibility I do love it! 😀

  3. The stainless steel wallet exudes a unique elegance.
    Ultra thin, quite light. Surprisingly user friendly, but for none of those reasons I own it.
    What I’ll say next is waaay outside of your previous post, so it will be short. The following facts are true, as I have, ahem, inside scoops on these matters.
    Your credit cards, (some, not all) are “chipped” for tracking reasons. Read: buyer habits, ie; frequency of purchases, brand loyalty, sphere of movements, etc. Too “Big Brother” a topic to get into.. in such a light and breezy post flow.
    Yet, I wish to flash the real skinny on the S.S. wallet.
    FYI only–Tracking is “terminated.” Orwellian monitoring, stopped cold. The stainless steel skin just happens to be an excellent signal jammer, as well as a nifty place to stash some green.
    Dat’s the reason it’s in my jeans. (Call me Winston Smith the 2nd)
    Word to you shoppers.
    P.S. My house is no museum, so yes, I use the red chair.

  4. Ooooh..really? So the stainless steel blocks a lot of this nosey crap from happening? I need a stainless steel purse, AND house! 😀

  5. I will look into the purse part for ya…

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