So I’m on the metro and I’ve got some time to kill. I’m underground so lack of service means no texts and no calls. AKA you all get the pleasure of my two cents.

I had a letter in my purse from some time ago. It’s from my friend who’s a Marine, and currently in Afghanistan. Idk why I’m just now reading her letter…finally reading I should say. I outta smack myself just for the fact that I left it sitting there so long…

Shame on me.

I miss her.

And…reading her sweet, uplifting words put a smile on my face. The letter also made me sad. It’s hard to ignore the fact that any single moment of any day something could go wrong…and I could never hear from her again.

That’s reality.


Maybe I should be writing her back instead of doing this… But I don’t have any pen or paper on me. Not to mention how sloppy it would be doing so under such shaky subway circumstances. Oh well…

Pooey. I don’t really have much else to say in this moment. I’ll post this as soon as I have a signal again.

Ciao lovelies.

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