300 pound woman

Somewhere inside of me resides a 300 pound woman. Or her appetite at least.

Today I went to this truckit fest thingamajig. It took place at Union Station and it was basically a food truck groupie’s wet dream. And for those of us that dig gourmet food trucks it was like hell to the yeah fuck yeah.

I started my journey with some amazing kobe double onion sliders, and sweet potato/jalapeño croquettes. I was in heaven.

Then as I’m scarfing down my last bite this young band, last day off, started to rock out. I suddenly felt a huge wave of photographer’s guilt rush over me. This happens often actually. I kicked myself once again for not bringing a camera. So as usually I whipped out my phone and did my thing.

I was stalking the drummer for quite a long while. I mean even regardless of my preference for drummers, and despite my not completely falling for their music overall…this guy was turning it out.

He was the definition of the heartbeat any good band needs…without being too flashy. His style was just so…smooth. And I was actually surprised because I assumed he’d be a bit more choppy…borderline clinical, traditional rock style…or maybe just more wrist than fingers, IDK what I imagined. But I was judging based on appearance alone, and was wrong. He was so swift and smooth though. I almost forgot about the rest of the band. Ha. I wish I had my regular camera.

Once they were finished it was time for more food. I wrapped up the day with a simple lemon & strawberry crepe.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the “coolhaus” truck in time. That’s what I really wanted to try. Gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Yum! But I’ll catch them at artwalk coming up hopefully. And I’ll attempt to stop being a lazy blogger…and drag a real camera around…at some point. 😀

Goodnight world.

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