you betcha ass…

My friend sent me a couple youtube videos…and lo and behold I got distracted by the damn tube. Gah…. I’m already the queen of procrastination. Not to mention I’m miss sickly and I waste enough time resting…and resting….and resting. But ok…so done tubing….then I started messing around on tumblr…..DONE! Now I’m going to adjust some edits that I need to upload in a few hours. But before that…


Hello people. How are you all on this glorious Sat? It’s quite a nice day actually. Like the vampire that I am I won’t be out until the evening. The “day” and I just do not get along. So anyways I realized today I’ve gotten myself into a few pickles without even realizing…or bets…or agreements rather…idk. The first is that I’ve been harassing a friend of mine to grow their hair out shaggy. Why? Well because I’m personally obsessed with shaggy, retro sex hair. Put that shit on a melon and I’m sure you’d wanna f*ck it. I kid I kid. I only press this when I think it’ll look good on someone’s bone structure or overall vibe. Only in this case I hadn’t realized I made a promise long ago…if she ever grew out her hair I had to train for a triathlon with her!

Fuck my life! Doh! Mind you, I’m literally chomping on a donut right now. This exact moment I have got donut breath. Yup. Triathlon my ass. I mean…it’s my ass that could use that training…but ugh…I don’t wanna.


Ok, bet #2….I don’t like to do anything if I can’t dominate it. According to a few people I know at least. So this is why I have trouble keeping up with practicing any instrument, despite having many at my disposal in my own home. Name one, we’ve got it, and probably in pink because my roommate is addicted to all sorts of things in any pepto bismol color. But anyhow I got into it with this other pal and they accused me of extreme narcissism and then said if I didn’t complete ::something that will remain private:: that I had to take hardcore lessons which she’d pay more. Oh it get’s better, instrument of her choice.

Really? I mean….I do NOT have time for this dammit.

Last retarded bet/agreement…I can’t say what it is exactly since it’s personal…but IF I lose I can’t eat french fries for 3 months.

::birds chirping::


Not possible. Just won’t happen.

So we’ll see in a bit which of the three I can wiggle out of….geez. But so far I’m not winning, at all!


8 responses to “you betcha ass…

  1. Sara Carlsson

    Good luck!

  2. hehe, you are screwed darling ;).

    BUT… as far as the last bet goes… there are all different types of fried potatoes, not all of which are necessarily “french fries”… like tater tots…. hashbrowns….. potato wedges… soo even if you lose that bet, you can still be filling your belly with friend potatoes :).

    • Genius!! ::evil laughter:: my potato addiction will not be held down after all.

      But yeah. I’m totally screwed. Trying to figure out how cupcakes, fries, and mac & cheese will work into a triathlon training diet. :/ hmm. lol

      • You get to eat more cupcakes, “fried potatoes,” and mac & cheese, BECAUSE you are training and burning it all off :). Just maybe don’t eat those things before training, hehe. I don’t know if you ever watch The Office, but there was this episode where Michael Scott (the boss) decides to have a race to the cure for rabies (haha). He decides to eat fettuccine alfredo to carb up for the race… it doesn’t go too well.

      • I’m not training yet…but when I do I’m printing this comment out and showing it to my friend like, “Seeeeee jenn says I CAN eat that still!”

        Lol. It’ll all be your doing. 😀 hehehe.

  3. haha, you can use me if you like ;). I’m all for exercise, but diet restrictions… HELL NO! 🙂

    • I completely agree. I’ve never been a calorie counter, or reduce sugar….fat intake type of if I’m going to eat something sweet why the heck would I want it to be “fake” sugar???

      Craziness! 😛

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