think fast

I’m giving myself exactly 15 more min to stay in the comical state I currently am in. Otherwise I wouldn’t even being writing this blog at the moment. But…since I’m on a limit there’s no other time I will allow it stated so here goes…

I’m obviously an adolescent.

I’m whimpering like a little bitch. Mixed with laughing at myself cuz…who does this?


But…seriously, I’m super sad. I will not elaborate on the reason why exactly. But I’ll explain the feeling…

I feel like I’m 12 and awkward but managed to discover some really awesome people that I like, and just as I’m getting to know them their evil fairy godmother rips them up and moves them out of state. And at 12 you feel like it’s the end of the world.

That’s how I feel.

If I was storm from X-men I’d probably throw a fireball at the building next door just to prove how fluster fucked I feel.

But alas…I’m not. I’m an adult. And adults don’t whine when their playmates leave town.

Life goes on, right?


Bah humbug.

On a serious note….jokes aside…I am really sad. But upset that I am, because this shouldn’t matter so much to me.

I need a hug.

WHY am I feeling soooooo whiney about this…at like’s not even my normal drama time…wtf…ok….I’m done. This is absolute comedy. I wish I was recording myself…cuz you guys would seriously die of hysteria at the sight of me.


I’m gonna go lay in a pile of shit or something dramatic now. k, ciao…and peace.

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