chew on this ♥ turnquist babies

So while at my Aunt’s I spent more time with some new additions to the Turnquist familia. With a family as genetically mixed up as ours you never know what anyone will turn up looking like. Case and point my cousins little Eli (5 months) and Vianney (15 months).



But I will say, if you decide to have a kid with one of us…I hope your genes don’t get their feelings hurt, cuz we will dominate! Lol…but seriously…we will. I wish I had an image of my Grandparents on hand so you can see what I mean. It’s crazy. I need to shoot these little guys with a actual camera before they get too big!!

One response to “chew on this ♥ turnquist babies

  1. Oh my! They are so cute!

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