Daily Archives: February 23, 2011


Life is short.

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true. I spent a good portion of my young(er) life imagining how everything would be when I was older. Then as I actually got older I spent a few years running away from all I ever knew. Now… I just am. I still wonder, and worry constantly. I think about all the possibilities that could be. Only now I’m also content with what is. It’s just funny how, after all these years, the little things are finally making sense.

I’ve recently had numerous discussions about how and when one is capable of discerning right from wrong. At what point in life should we be held accountable for our actions? And in which cases are they excusable? Does lack of life experience alone grant one a “get out of jail free card?”

It seems a good number of people base experience on womb to present day age calculations. I personally think that’s bullshit. I told my my best guy friend that today actually. He tried to feed me some generalized ish about when one could or couldn’t be taken seriously. All based on numbers. Age alone! This is crap to me because I don’t only believe in “life” years or years our bodies have existed among others with skeletal systems.

Life is…

So much fucking bigger to me.

It’s hurts my heart actually. How big and broad everything is, and so many can’t even see it.

The scope of it’s beauty.

Because I feel…it is so so beautiful. Mind you, I’m not even a religious person. For me this is about living energy. The “essence” of an individual. I believe we are…before we have been. And we carry that spirit of all we’ve learned as other life-forms into this one.

Our souls never die in my opinion. I just feel some close their minds to what could dwell inside and enlighten them. So we end up in a world where you’re only expected to do and know so much…based on what people assume you’re capable of at a given time in your life. What we all are capable of…based on science, and studies and tests. Intricate numbers and patterns breaking down the human brain. Telling us all you can or can’t be based on these findings.

Well I can because I’m breathing. I can because I’m living. I always could. I just didn’t know it until I was feeling or doing it. Life…at least this one we’re currently living…is too short to ever not be…or feel, or do….whatever we can…while we can. Nobody will ever make me feel otherwise.