techno no no

Ten things just because I can’t sleep and well…just because…

1. Hospital food sucks.

2. It feels weird not having been on a regular computer for a long while.

3. It feels great to have not been on a regular computer for a while.

4. Nurses like to give you drugs.

5. I keep too many secrets.

6. I wish breathing weren’t a matter of life and death.

7. I miss my own bed, and my stuff.

8. Trust is overrated.

9. Why am I still awake?

10. Hospital food sucks.

5 responses to “techno no no

  1. I’m sorry that you are in the hospital! Focus on getting better, so that you can be freeee. And tell the nurses to give you drugs, so that you can sleep!

    • Lol. More drugys it is. And it’s not that I don’t want anyone to know as my roomy so brilliantly pointed out…I just don’t want people to worry. I’m not dying exactly…so ya know. What’s a little hospital stay here n there. 🙂 and thank you btw.

      • ahh sorry! I read between the lines on that one… feel free to delete my comment if you like. I will not be offended.

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with being where you are. I like to check myself in from time to time ;). I sincerely hope that you feel better soon though!

      • No no, you’re all good. It’s not a “secret” I just don’t want people to worry too much. But thank you thank you and I’m doing really good. 🙂

  2. Hi other Jenn. I don’t know that she wants anyone to know she’s in the hospital. That’s why she’s always very vague in her blogposts. But I’ll let her know what you said if she doesn’t get the chance to check her comments today. =O)

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