say no to single awareness day bull

I was going to make this a video, but I’ve been out ALL DAY & night. I’m beat. I’m not really in the mood to be recording myself, let alone hear myself talk. Soooo, it’s 1am and we have come to the end of Valentine’s Day. For some of you today was blah or depressing…and I’m sorry for that. I think this mostly comes from society’s fixation on candy coated commercialism. Not to mention people are deathly afraid of being alone…and today is one of those days that reminds you that the world celebrates pairs, and highly disapproves of you onesies. Lol. That S.A.D. crap can go blow me…wtf is up with that? “Single Awareness Day?” Because you’re not aware of it any other day? Um, ok. Let’s not and say we did!

I personally had a wonderful day. Not only did I get some work done, I had two meetings and two Valentine’s dinners. No, no not two-timing kind of dinners thank you very much. Just with close friends celebrating love. That’s what today was about for me, and what it should be about for the world.

On feb 14th we shouldn’t complain or dwell if we’re single. We should embrace anyone around us we care about. Whether it be your mother, brother, father, sister, cousin..and of course dear dear friends. Not only lovers should partake in the exchange of sweet nothings…but the rest of us should also be bundles of smiles and hugs. Give them out for no reason other than spreading contentment. So many sweet people yelled out Happy Valentine’s day while I was walking downtown today. I was actually shocked at how many. But then it just made the day that much better…to share that warmth with strangers.

And for you lovers…I really hope today was magical for you. I hope you put aside differences, or bickering…in exchange for cuddling and toe wrestling. Actually I hope you spent it indoors having sex all day. That’s a much better gift then tearing up roses in the name of affection. Just saying. I love myself some flowers don’t get me wrong…but I prefer them in the ground. Give a plant instead…strategically placed so when you drop by at their job with nothing but a trench coat on you’ve got something to hide your goodies if the door swings open. 😉


It’s no longer vday…but here’s a lovely cover by the wonderful amazing Priscilla Ahn….. Goodnight world…and Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

7 responses to “say no to single awareness day bull

  1. thanks 4 sharing you are absolutely right

  2. Happy (belated) VDay! btw, I love living in California! I have never before lived in a place where random strangers wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s pretty, no – very, sweet.

  3. Ps. You’re right ;). They should call February 14th ‘be happy wherever you’re at” day – or something like it. As much as it is nice being lovey dovey, in love, with someone, love is f’ing complicated. So being single has it’s timely benefits as well. So appreciate where you’re at in your life, and love the people who are along for the journey with you :).

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