sound and magic ♥ jjeaaahh esperanza spalding won!

I was out of my seat when Esperanza Spalding took the win for best new artist. Seriously, I was ecstatic, this is a huge accomplishment for her community of artists, a grammy first for that category! Sorry Bieber fans. So many people have yet to see what this Woman is made of. Not only is she classically trained, she’s mad super duper experimental…Infusing everything but the kitchen sink. She plays the upright bass, the violin, clarinet, and oboe to name a few. Her stage presence alone is enough to make you pay attention even if you’re not a fan of her style of music. But don’t be so quick to put her in a single genre….she just might surprise you. I’m so so happy she won! I’m going to post a few vids for all of you with question marks on your faces. Sista is no joke, I’m telling you. So nice to see talent instead of hype win.

For those of you who were like, who the hell is Esperanza Spalding??

This song is one of my favs of hers!

Ok, I’ve gotta get the hell up and outta here for a couple meetings. Want more, go google dammit! I might try and make a Valentine video if I have time. Maybe. We’ll see. 🙂 Happy Vday people.

3 responses to “sound and magic ♥ jjeaaahh esperanza spalding won!

  1. I think esperanza’s dope.

  2. i was happy she won 2~

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