turn down the sound

I can’t sleep, again.

I’m tired but arrggh I just can’t sleep. I need to continue blasting chirpy music in my ears or get back up and watch something to distract me…

From my head.

An awesome friend made me a playlist today and I was just listening to that while editing. Keyword, “was” yup, waasss. I then thought, I’m in an experimental mood, I’m going to listen to a few things I don’t, won’t, or can’t usually listen to for whatever reason. I’m weird, but you guys know this already.

I then start with the hardest for me to hear and halfway through it’s like my ears were bleeding. What provoked me to do this to myself? I might as well have shoved a knife through my own heart. That’s what listening to this particular song feels like.

When I was done testing my will and it ended…I quickly turned on the most upbeat song I could find on my phone. So here I am, typing this…while old Nsync Christmas music plays on my earphones.

Don’t ask questions. Just go with it.

2 responses to “turn down the sound

  1. hello hunti….i’ve been readn’ but not commenting…take care ease ur mind with neosoul musiq! maybe jill scott….ttyl

    • Hiya sweets! Glad you’re still following my random blog. Listening to some Jill sounds nice actually. Maybe the first album more so. Though a lot of her music just makes me think about love sooooo maybe not. Lol. :)))

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