red rain

It’s pouring thick…liquid heat

I’m dancing on clouds and breathing in aubergine

The blood is hot, boiling over
Charring cinder blocks

Dividing up the best of me

At least…

What’s left of me

I won’t make it easy
And you won’t stop



Give up

It’s pouring flames in Italia

And it won’t let up

I’m dreaming
In surround sound


I don’t want it to stop.

7 responses to “red rain

  1. Sexy sexy

  2. It sounds like somebody is in love.

  3. I love your poetry. Where can I find more?

  4. -Pouring flames- Such a powerful image you created. Keep it up. If you don’t mind me asking, what is meant when you say “what’s left of me” out of curiosity.
    J xo

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