major minor

I’m exhausted but I don’t really “feel” like going to bed. I was in the middle of re-working my fee estimates…which is an extremely technical mathematics game…and not very fun. Of course I waited till last minute to do this, seeing as how I spent 75% of my weekend editing, and the other 25% socializing. I really should have had it all done, but here I am in bed at 4am…with red eyes yawning every other sentence I type of this blog.

Possible blog?

….I never know till I’m finished.

How can one be exhausted but not tired? Weird. I shooouuld sleep though. I have a meeting with a client early afternoon and I wouldn’t want to scare them with fright face from lack of sleep. Thankfully it’s an existing client who let’s me do what I want usually. Most of my look-book clients do and thank god. I just don’t get along too well with other control freaks, but I play nice when need be. It’s my bread and butter so I have to.

And while I’m on the subject, a number of you younger photogs have written me with questions about how to make a living with your photography. I’m sorry I haven’t found the time to reply to so many of you. But what I would say while on the topic is find your niche, that’s #1. Don’t try to do too many things. I personally shoot a few different genres for personal reasons, not business. Another thing you’ll notice is I don’t shoot as many editorials as I have in the past.

Photography fact: as flashy and nice as it is to have a portfolio packed with tears, eds rarely pay. Not unless you’re a more recognized photographer, and even then some of them do it for the exposure. Similar to new models walking a big designer runway for little to no pay. So don’t stress yourself out about glossy pages if that’s not your thing. Not to say I’ve never had paying eds as a lesser know photog. It’s possible. Just RARE and usually not more than the actual cost to produce the shoot. So be selective. I mix it up now because I’ve learned how to balance it. But I’ve made my living mostly from new and independent designers.

You just have to find your own voice. Your “style” and signature…and that will determine your clientele. I try to throw in a good number of personal shoots every couple of months to keep from getting bored. Plus it allows me room to breath and experiment.

So work…and play, if you can.

Idk where this hobby turned into my career but I’m thankful it has. My life is much different then I imagined it would be…back when I submitted my portfolio of fashion sketches to OTIS. Fashion Design is the most intensive program there. They don’t fuck around. But little did I know the course I bullshitted my way through highschool and strolled through in college would become my defining art-form. It wasn’t even really a minor…because fashion students weren’t allowed minors. I slipped in as many photography courses in my own time as I could.

I didn’t sleep most days.

Not much has altered in that sense. Only me, and where I am vs. where I planned to be. I planned my entire life when I was 13 one night. Wrote it all down in my diary. Something along the lines of…2 kids, a home in northern Italy, and Brussels, three published novels, and two fashion lines…among other things regarding art and strange particulars. I think the goal age was very reasonable…around 38, or maybe it was 42…some random even number. I’ve always liked even numbers with the exception of 7. I dig sevens. Oh wait! Let’s not forgot the husband! I think I even said he had to be over 6’2, and an athlete or model. Haha. Yes, I did!


My my how some things change…

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