sore eyes

I’d like to join the circus. Ok, not really. But I’ve been to a lot of circus events, shows yada yada and tonight was the first time I wanted to crawl on stage and make myself at home. I had so much damn fun. It was like Tim Burton threw up all over the place and it was wonderful. And now it’s 4 something am and I’m wired when I should be resting my eyes. Deadline tomorrow and I’ve got to clean up a few things on my edits. But my eyes hurt uggh.

Where’s a doctor’s note when you need one? Plllff, no calling in sick in this here non office.


But ask me why I’m staring at my bright ass iPhone screen when I just whined about my eyes hurting? Why why why do I do most of the things I do.

Short Bus.

I was going through and deleting files off the main web server a bit ago…to clear up space…when I ran across some old writing. One in particular I had not read in a long while. It’s from maybe 9-10 months ago. I’d forgotten how much of me I put into it. I’d also forgotten how much I liked it. It’s funny, I tend to dislike most of my photography after the public sees it, but my writing it’s the opposite. Idk why, but I’m a lot more confident in my skill for twisting and utilizing modern language. Words make sense and have since I was a little girl. I don’t think I’ve ever related to another form of expression more…second would be fashion, then art….and photography is actually fourth. Funny it’s how I make a living. Go figure. Well anyhow…when I get a second I’ll see about posting it, and a few other oldies I found. Perhaps I’ll try to sleep now.


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