who killed jenny?

My phone was syncing for what seemed like—Ew—the update changed the font in my notes. This font is really annoying and super ugly. ::sigh:: Whatever. Anyways, I started writing this on the computer cuz I couldn’t work anymore, all the colors were blending together and I felt very uninspired. Then I began to make a model’s lips bigger…and after I spent 30 min getting them exactly how I imagined them I decided I liked them better natural. Just wasting time. Arrggh. But now I’m in the comfort of my bed and blogging from the phone.

Thank you modern technology.

From iPhone notes to WordPress App in no time!

So I’ve come to the conclusion that tumblr is super queer. Like suppppper queer and informative. It’s like I can blink and discover some new oddity from across the globe within minutes. It’s pretty brilliant. But as queer friendly as my personal tumblr is I’ve refused to post or reblog L-word anything. Not because I don’t love and miss the show. Strictly because if I start…there’s no stopping. I mean it’s bad enough I’m torchering you all with my coco(eliot) sumner addiction. You don’t even want to live in a world where I once again bombard readers with the double fucking yum that is Kate Moennig. So I just don’t go there. But…with that being said. I don’t mind when others take trips down memory lane. And one of the tumblrs I follow has been doing just that pretty often recently. Somehow I’ve refrained from reblogging, until tonight, she posted a stacked screenshot of Jenny above, and Shane below with a caption that read, “I’ve also realized I’m in love with you…now I’m like all those stupid girls.”

I reblogged that shit in a heartbeat.

Uggghh. Why L word would it have to be you that makes me feel like a crackhead tonight. And while I’m on the topic, to all you Jenny haters….suck it! Maybe her character was a bit much…and yeah she was manipulative and narcissistic. Nothing in reality came close to her imagination. But at the core she was just plain fragile. Best fucking character on the show and the writers sold her out on the last season. So there, kiss my relates most to the demonized heart of the show ass!

Eh…to say I related to her would actually be an understatement….

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