mumbo jumbo

The female side of my brain is really cramping my style. It’s making me question everything.

Damn you female emotions.

To hell with you. The simplicity of the parts of me that don’t give a shit are so refreshing. Why can’t I handle all situations in life with such a carefree outlook.

Because I’m fucking complicated.

That’s why.

Blippity boppity boo.

So about the blog I posted then deleted. Sorry about that. At least you select few got to see it for a quick minute. Now some of you ask me “why I sometimes delete posts?”

IDK. It’s more of a gut feeling. Occasionally some things just don’t feel right being out there in the public. So after a momentary freak out session I’ll just remove them from view. And all is better. Btw, y’all are quick with the emails yo! It’s pretty awesome.

Funny how a few little personal words can rub you the wrong way. And that song was just me being way too…uggh idk…girly and suhn I can’t explain. So thank you for the sweet emails and I will post more. Maybe even that one again if I have time to rework it.

But for now, it said too much.

Speaking of now, I should go to sleep. Early workout and lots of work. Trying to get my files in order before a truckload of new clients roll in for 2011. I’m not complaining though! Gotta get dat money man.

Goodnight lovelies.

2 responses to “mumbo jumbo

  1. I thought it was lovely! You shouldn’t be so shy.

  2. Thank you. IDK if “Shy” is the right word…it’s something else. But thanks, eventually I’ll be ok sharing that part of myself more. I say too much in other ways as is.

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