boy crush ♥ boyd holbrook **new section!!

Boyd Holbrook – Actor, Model, Poet, and Artist.

Ok so I’ve gotten quite a few emails about Brandon Boyd and how he’s the only guy I’ve posted about. Sooooo in honor of all my favorite lovely Men I give you this section. And I decided to start with one of my favs, another “Boyd” Mr. Holbrook. He’s from Kentucky and adorable and really low key. Most of us in fashion are well aware of his wonderment though. Some of you might recognize him from the famous Ellen Von Unwerth Book, “Omahyra and Boyd” which is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Not to mention he was in MILK and a few other films and TV shows….but aside from his resume…he’s just fucking beautiful.

Seriously. With a few nips and tucks I’d take em and pretend he was a girl! 😛

Here he is with another one of my fashion favorites, Jessica Stam in the Aldo Spring/Summer 2010 Video.

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