Why can’t I lay here all day?


Society frowns upon laziness. I embrace it.

I have a lot on my mind. Things, places…people.

Last night I had an interesting dream and I woke up very anxious and missing someone…badly.


More than badly.

I was supposed to meet my friend at the museum today. But the bed was so cozy I decided to remain here until the last possible minute. I’ve been out and about every frigg’n day lately and the hermit in me needs a break. I had a personal shoot scheduled for 9:30am this morning but that fell through…and I thankfully reset my alarm clock. Though I do have another personal shoot I need to get up and outta here for at 5pm before a dinner date with lovely amazing people, then a client video shoot tomorrow, and an editorial shoot on Tue. I must have lost my mind scheduling all three day after day before I leave for Cali.

Yeah…but we all already know about this mind of mind.

Been lost that…lonnnnnnng time ago.

Ooooh ugghhh….. ::stretching::

My back.

Old age…heh. I enjoy calling myself old oddly, even though I’m not really that “old” technically.




I like that word.

What was I…am I even talking about?


I like this blue color on the wall. Hmmm.


…missing someone feels so much better when you know they’re missing you too…


I think I’ll stop writing now. I want to write (whine) about things I shouldn’t…so…


When will this stop?

You know when you get gangrene…how they cut off that part of flesh on your body? Do I have to do that physically…or no…I mean ya know…remove that thing from my life entirely to get over it?

I don’t like that idea.

It makes me sad. Very.

Damed if I do, damned if I don’t.

Ugghh..I tricked myself! I started talking about it.

My subconscious thinks it’s slick. Tricky bastard. These are myyyyy fingers asshole.

Dammit I digress.

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  1. I love your ramble blogs!

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