things i forgot in the wind

I forgot how much I love when doors are opened for me and all that old school loveliness. I hate “roles” but I dig being treated like a lady. Period. But ahhh what I really forgot was how much I love a persistent Woman…until I was just reminded. Or persistent is the wrong word. “Aggressive” maybe is a better word. But that sounds so…aggressive. Hmm. “Forward?”. Damn, whatever…”forward” intentions known. Shit just laid out on the table. Interior exposed.

It’s refreshing.

I’ve gotten so accustomed to either others telling me I keep them strategically closed out…or keeping certain feelings to myself in fear of getting hurt and rejected. Worse than death in my book.

So this change is…welcomed.

I missed just saying…anything. And not having to worry. Even better, I’m glad I actually want to share the personal parts of me again. I was beginning to think I’d turned into one of those self sabotaging girls. Ya know the type…fall for the wrong people on purpose for numerous reasons.

So I’m just glad to see it was a one time situation. That or maybe I’m not used to NOT getting what I want. It makes me irritable and I’m not conditioned to deal with it. 😛

Ha. Don’t you guys love my brain.

I do.

I lost my train of thought and I’m tired as all get up. Must sleeeeep.

Night! Or morning considering the time.

3 responses to “things i forgot in the wind

  1. I love when girls treat me like a lady. A lot of queer women are afraid to do those things because they think it makes them fall into a category. It is the boldest ones I find willing to ignore society and be chivalrous. I think it’s sexy.

  2. No offense but how do you know the other girl would reject you? You can’t assume her reaction would be bad if you never even gave her a chance. From what I’ve read it seems like you have been into her for a while. Are you going to give up and never tell her your true feelings?

    • I don’t know. But I just have a feeling…a feeling she’s not interested. At least not in that way so why bother revealing anything? I’d rather risk my emotions on someone who seems mutually into me.

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