sugar high

I did it again.

Blurred that line
Between nursery rhymes
And more than friends.

The ice queen is back
Fuck neglecting the boredom.

I’ve got three little facts
In tact
To keep me from whoring.

At least I won’t be your whore.
But go right ahead and adore.
I won’t stop you while you continue to pour…
Cuz I like sugar
Maybe more then I dig catnip.

And you like my purr…

As much as you like that sip…
You think you’re bound to get.

But baby that’s ok
Long as you know
There’s an expiry date to your trip.

Heaven can have
Only so many soldiers.
And I got a line full of bees
Ready to go to war for this honey.

But you can…

Try me
For size.

Word to the wise
You might wanna put your wash
On extended cycle.
Cuz my scent is hard to shake.

I get all up in your molecular space
Kicking up those endorphins
Like you on some kinda steroid crack from outer

It’s that new shit.

Y’all try that new shit?

It’s called Taschka.

And I can’t be giv’n it out like some damn party favor.

So if I were you
I’d savor what you can…

While you can.

Cuz you ain’t staying the night

Oh no
Oh no

Maybe you don’t know that yet…
But I won’t let you forget.

Word to the wise…

This shit
Comes regulated
By the national government.

Too much of me will cause a world wide

A sugar rush
of enormous capacity.

Yeah baby,
I’m that mothafucking sweet.

But you ain’t stayin the night.

In this moment
My sole interest
Is something along the lines
Of inhaling your face.
As fingertips dance along edges
And limbs are misplaced.

Oh, and…

I’ll let you do that thing you do…

Where you take me to that place
Below prerequisites…
Beside adjectives…
Above time space travel equivalents.

Less talk
More action.

Just be sure to fill in the blanks
With lots of P’s and Q’s
And don’t forget to dot your I’s.

While you’re at it
I’ll throw in a few
Yes, please, and thank yous.

But no, you ain’t staying the night.

Not to say I don’t appreciate you.
And all the little things I’m sure
You’re bound to do
For some other girl.
I’m just not interested in being her.

Not yesterday, the day before
Or this time around.

Let’s pretend this is an open house
Grab your bottled water
Finger food
Take a quick look
And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Oh no.

I’m not trying to wake up
Without my hair on point…
Just to play footsie
In the morning
Like we on the b-side
Of some played R&B joint.

You are not my princess charming
And I will not be Cinderella tripp’n
So better I begin
With your not so happy ending

Then confuse you…

Like I did the rest of ’em.

5 responses to “sugar high

  1. Damn Tash! That was on point. You just made my day. Do you ever spit your word live anymore? Let me know if you do. I would come see you again in a heartbeat. It’s been a minute. Stay up chica bonita. Love the blog.

    • Annabelle!! I didn’t know you read my blog! And thank you girl. No though, I have not been on stage in a very long while. I’ve been thinking about getting back into it, I miss it. My life has changed so much since then and what I write about…but it would be nice. It was an amazing outlet.

  2. Slang’n like one of the boys! I like a cocky woman and you came with the truth on that one. Well done.

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