feed your walls ♥ brian ignacio

Brian Ignacio – Artist

What’s crazy is some of his sketches look just like a few from my own sketchbook….wild.


2 responses to “feed your walls ♥ brian ignacio

  1. these are quite stunning!
    Oh and I don’t know if you deleted the post abt youre mom, but I totally feel you on that one. My brother was murdered 4 months ago, and im total scrooge this Christmas, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas. there is a huge void, so I totally know what youre feeling and going through. chin up is all we can do


  2. Thanks for the sweet words hun. I put that post on private for a second…cuz I got paranoid about my lame christmas eve sappy writing….then I though F* it….I’m not the only person feeling like this. So it’s back up. 🙂

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