è buio fuori.

and I’m not the least bit interested in finding the light.

I quite like it here.

It suits my 24/7 body mask.

Ya know the one…it camouflages all the bullshit.

Yeah, I know…mighty big mask.

I had a dream last night. I walked up to this house. It was yellow, and inviting.

Or so I thought.

I walked up this neat little trimmed pathway that lead to the front door. There were two identical windows with blue shutters on either side. I peered inside and saw nothing. I looked in the other window and saw nothing there either. It just looked like an empty house…until…

I heard the floor creak. Not that kind of house settling creak you get used to after a while. The someone’s walking across hardwood kind of creak. I opened and closed my eyes, trying to adjust to the lack of light…until I could make out what seemed to be a flicker. It was coming from the right side of a doorway.

I went and banged on the door, hoping whoever was inside would let me in. No luck. I ran back to the window, and just then the flickering stopped…but the creaking got louder. It continued to get louder, and it sounded like it was headed towards the window I was I looking through.

I swallowed hard and held my breath. Waiting for the flickering to come back. I was focusing so hard on the same spot I neglected to notice the door was suddenly open.

The front door was just wide open and here I was stalking this little window.

I took a deep breath and braced myself. This was one of those moments in the horror movies they teach you about.

Don’t go inside.

Just don’t. My logic told me to turn around and walk away. But my senses told me otherwise.

How did I even get here, I wondered. All I remembered was opening my eyes and walking up to this…little…odd house, with it’s neat little walkway and identical blue shutters.

I stood there, in front of the open door…the dark from inside seemed almost inviting. Strange considering I hated surprises (possible axe murderer in weird house is a helluva surprise). Also crazy considering everything in my head told me to run the opposite direction.

But the dark…this dark…didn’t…feel “scary”.

Behind me the wind was starting to grow restless, as if it sensed my dilemma. It blew a little brittle leaf my direction and it disappeared into the darkness just past the doorway.

Seems the little leaf was braver than I.

I shook my head, taking a look around at the bristling trees that spoke amongst each other on this dim, dusky, evening.

I took another look at this offbeat little house.

And I walked inside. I turned around remembering the door just when another gust of wind shut it for me.

Then I was surrounded.

Surrounded by darkness, and I wasn’t afraid.

Why was I even in this place?

I looked around for anything to give me answers.


When I was just about to walk back outside the little flicker came back. Though it seemed farther away…despite my being inside now.

I walked towards the light.

It flickered faster.

I walked faster.

And just when I thought I was near…

It stopped.

And it was dark again.

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  1. I really enjoy your writing.

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