screwed tight

I can’t sleep.

I just wrote a few pages of my fiction/bio/memoir/whatever sells more books….which feels really good. I write in spurts and the good stuff only comes when I don’t force it. But I’ve got to write more, and faster.

I’m a published photographer. A published illustrator. I guess we can add the fact that my designs have also been in numerous magazines. I’ve shown in NY, LA, Chicago, OH, and Italy….but none of it’s good enough to me.

I must become a published author as well. Then maybe I’ll be content. Probably not. But maybe. My goal is novel published within 3 years, screenplay within 5. And, yes, I want to direct it. I plan on it being my first full length. I’ve got a lot of plans between now and world domination.


But for now cranking out a few pages is all I can ask when writer’s block strangles me most of the time.

If only it were as easy as my rambling. That I seem to be able to do effortlessly and in abundance!

How are you guys now that I’m being a bit more normal and level-headed? Am I boring you yet? I’ve gotten a few interesting emails and questions about my “favorite topic.” Depending on my mood I might humor the respectable ones in a future blog. But idk yet. We’ll see.

Sorry to those of you that enjoy my rants. I must admit, I can be entertaining when out of sorts. Lol. But for the sake of my sanity, let’s be happy my head’s screwed back on.

And tight!

I’m going to attempt to sleep now.

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