make believe

I’m curious…

If you all saw behind my mask if you’d still like what you “see”?

I woke up angry.

I woke up sad.

I woke up angry and sad, then became even angrier for being sad.


Emotions, fuck you.

There’s so much I want to say right now.

So much.

Instead I did some work when I couldn’t sleep. And now I’m laying here typing this on my iPhone because I must move my fingers or I’ll go insane.

Something bad will happen if I don’t let out this frustration on somethinggggggggg.

This is why I write.

To calm down.

But I’m holding shit inside, so tension in my head is building up.

I want to break things.

I’ve got to stop. This isn’t helping. I’m fine, I’m fine.


Just peachy.

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