heart sniper

fight for

strive for

give more

all why trying to be sure

you’re not just falling for the sport of


fuck chances, and midnight dances with the devil

in a blue dress

she’s a sick mess, shooting straight for the stars

like men she’s from mars

holding all your cards

count em…

there’s a full deck

count em

until you started fucking with a rough neck

with the twisted tongue.

dame un beso

dame un beso

so I can swallow all that heat

and rip the blood from your gums with my bare teeth

dame un beso

but don’t fuck with my heart

before the clock starts

before the car sparks

and we’re far enough apart

that it can be considered an “accident”




you get your hands



dirty boy

line up your new toys

load up your few joys

I’ll walk away while you play

won’t look back while you remain

glued to your seat

pretending the sound of my heartbeat

is just background music

to some department store track

I’ll walk away while you play

plotting revenge in defense

of a cold war heart attack

waiting for

the dark

to make my mark in the name of…

and dissect the insect

that put a stain on my pure flesh

could you see the red dot?

red dot blinking

blinking on the side plot

of your temple

just before I pulled the trigger

to erupt your sweet spot

with a cold glock

now lying on a flat slab on a frozen block

of iced rock

you left your body in the mental

ward of my back pocket.

dame un beso

one last time

I’ll sing your song as you lay

then walk away while you remain.

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