censor this

Apparently I say too much.

Which is complete craziness to me seeing as how I strategically leave out the most important things I want to say. Dancing that fine line between sharing my inner chaos and keeping the detrimental truly on lock down. But according to those who have my best interest at heart…I should “lay off.”

Whatever that means. I mean…do I even know how? Considering it’s 1:45am, I can’t sleep, and here I am rambling about the fact that I ramble too much.

I get it. My fingers keep wanting to type about “other topics.”. The topics deemed off limits specifically by the newly sanctioned ::taschka ramble police:: and I will not go there.

No no nope.

But instead I will tell you how fabulous the rain was today. It was loud and dark and just fucking wet!

Omg how am I going to even survive one day of this not saying what I want bullshit!!

You guys don’t want to read about rain! You come here to see beautiful girls, adorable clothes, movies and and and to witness my random rants and whatnot.

It’s like I totally understand what my friends mean, and maybe I should attempt to protect myself and my feelings more. But seriously, I omit so much already. If what I do say has any sorta ripple effect to whoever then what can I do. People can assume whatever they want. Writers need to express and this right here is my mothaf*cking expression.

Please excuse any typos, it’s late and I’m tired.

The end!

2 responses to “censor this

  1. i say write on sista…i love it! Whatever u like, i’m reading along!

  2. I’ll keep em coming! :))

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