sound and magic ♥ lip service episode 3

Lip Service Episode 3

If you’re not watching it you must be asleep under a really big hugggge rock! I’m really starting to get invested in these characters. At first glance people are quick to sign off Cat, but she’s really relatable and as quirky as she is neurotic .

Personally I’m getting sick of the “Shane” and “Frankie” comparisons. They’re two entirely different characters. It’s like the Lesbian stratosphere isn’t big enough to house the personality of androgyny on two fronts. Can’t BBC have their bad “boy” and we Americans have ours….and leave it at that? Though, to take a hypocritical leap backwards after my rant…between you and me, Ruta Gedmintas, needs to bring a bit more authenticity to her scowl. What Kate Moennig had that Ruta doesn’t is genuine realness. She didn’t need to pretend to walk a certain way, or talk a certain way. She just was, and it was beautiful. Ruta on the other hand needs a little more work with her mannerisms and follow through. I’m not entirely convinced on her character’s “boyish” charm. But I’m still quite the fan.

Watch here:
Link #1
Link #2
Link #3
Link #4

For a recap of episode three go here.

6 responses to “sound and magic ♥ lip service episode 3

  1. i need a girlfriend like tess. haha i cant wait till the next episode!!! lol thanx for posting them ♥

  2. They seriously need to pay you for free advertisement…

  3. Ah, but the Frankie/Shane comparisons are begging to be made!

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