sound and magic ♥ lip service premier!!!!!!

So wooo-fucking-hooooorah!!! Lip service premiered yesterday and opened with nearly 600,000 viewers!!! Not a bad first round.

I’m so damn excited to have some lezzy drama back on TV. “The Real L Word” though at times entertaining did not count. By default I was left thinking Whitney was a hot piece of ass….and umm like I said, by default. But Lip Service’s Frankie, on the other hand…..that’s no “by default”. Yum. I bet there will be a dozen fan pages up in less then one month’s time for our new fair-haired photog…Just wait and see.

Glasgow is not Los Angeles, and this is not the L word, but it’s going to surely make a place in our hearts, and hopefully for many many seasons.

So instead of comparing and dismissing, give it a chance, give it time to grow. We are our own worst enemies. Support the show and tune in people. But for those without a TV I supplied a little taste, in the form of the first episode below.

Enjoy! ❤

Watch at the below links:

link #1
link #2
link #3
link #4
link #5
link #6

For a full recap go here

*Let me know if any of these links become disabled and I’ll put up new ones. 🙂

One response to “sound and magic ♥ lip service premier!!!!!!

  1. Thanks for the update. This is a great show.

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