don’t turn around

A question I got in my formspring got me thinking the other night. Like really truly thinking. Not that the wheels in my head aren’t constantly turning on the regular as is…it’s just this time I reflected a bit more than usual. And I suppose I found something I didn’t like.

Why even bother with stress? On all levels. If a situation is causing me discomfort, whether it be physical and/or emotional I alter it. I attempt if not usually succeed in completely changing that which is effecting me…in any manner other than positive.

Why don’t we apply that theory to our love lives? But, no…we tend to excuse some of the most obvious of obvious bad behavior from those we’re in love with. But I’m at the point in my life where the excuses are getting tired, and my expectations are higher. If we don’t demand respect from those closest to us then what…and from whom?

Well I’m over it, and one step ahead.

The tricky part though…will be not looking back.

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